Saturday, 21 April 2012

John Banks boards the train to Crazy Town

Wait, what?

If John Banks actually believes the ACT party, under his leadership, is going to be anything more than a sideshow in the 2014 election then he is pushing the Crazy Train to previously unknown speeds. John Banks is so completely hopeless I wouldn’t even trust him to make me a cup of coffee. The idea that Banks can think he is anything but a simpering animal who is unelectable without sucking up at the National Party teat is delusional at best, downright psychotic at worst.

Watching Banks sifting anxiously along the sidewalk in lieu of John Keys arrival, all red faced and puffy like a schoolgirl awaiting her date, was awkward in such a fashion that you’d think it was Ricky Gervais. The faux camaraderie between the two men, when they eventually got to around to ordering a pot of tea, was embarrassing to the point that even Key looked as though he wished he were somewhere else.

At least Rodney Hide didn’t act like a whimpering sycophant and while Don Brash was so utterly out of touch that when he finished speaking during a debate he seemed to look around as if he didn’t quite understand who had just been talking he at least made some valid, if not controversial, points and stuck by his guns in the face of ridicule.

But I could be wrong and it wouldn’t the first time nor will it be the last. Seriously though, what the hell?


  1. ACT is in serious trouble of being swallowed up on both sides. They are no longer distinct in any meaningful way from National, and I suspect that they will face considerable opposition at the next election from the Conservative Party.

  2. Agreed. Banks will bury them and they have strayed so far from their party premise

  3. Liberal Minded Kiwi31 May 2012 at 04:57

    As an ex member of ACT it kills me to see what has happened to the party. Banks killed it the day he was asked to stand in Epsom. Brash killed it when he stood against Hide. Roy killed it when she fabricated the claims she was a poor bullied victim from Hide.

    Banks is in dream world unless he is meaning he is going to jump ship to the Colin Crazy Craig Party.


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